New Experiences #46-48: Holiday Lights and Music– Both Humble and Spectacular

holiday concertChristmas is so much fun when you have children.  They really do make the season seem so much more magical.  I try to feed into their enthusiasm and find activities that we will all enjoy.

The day after Thanksgiving, we drove to Schaefer Farms in Flemington, New Jersey to see the Holiday Lights display.  It only took about 15 minutes for us to drive through the farm’s display of Christmas lights, but we really enjoyed it.  Some of the lights twinkled in sync to the music we had tuned into on the radio.  The kids enjoyed the reindeer display in which the reindeer appeared to be flying.  It was a simple, but fun activity for a cold winter’s night.

The next holiday activity we enjoyed was a concert at our local library.  An ensemble played Christmas music with a Celtic flair.  I loved it, and the kids liked it better than I thought they would.  Luke leaned over during the concert and said, “Mom, they are really good because they are professionals!”  We listened for nearly an hour before Leah’s attention drifted.  I was actually really impressed my children could stay quiet for so long. I might buy some Celtic music to play in our own home in hopes of having some quiet time!

Christmas SpectacularThe most recent holiday activity was our trip to New York City to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular.  It is a good thing we saw the lights display and library concert before this show because nothing could measure up to this one.  Seeing this show was a first for me, and my expectations were exceeded.  From the talented Rockettes to the dancing Santas to the living Nativity complete with camels, the show was non-stop action. It lived up to its spectacular name.

I know I only have a few more years of such Christmas magic, so I intend to make the most of every holiday activity we do.  While our New Experiences are very exciting, the traditions of the season are the most meaningful to me.  I wish all of my readers a merry Christmas!

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