New Experience #50: Glass Fusing

glass fusing“Glass fusing?  What in America is that?”

Those were Luke’s exact words when I suggested we try glass fusing as New Experience #50 this year.

When I told the kids that it was similar to our mosaic making experience from earlier this year, they were excited.  I knew they would be.  They talked about the Pottery Painting place for weeks after we tried it, and we never had the opportunity to go back since our experience over the summer.

When we arrived at Glassworks Studio in Morristown, New Jersey, we were greeted by an employee who explained how to make a project.  She showed us the selection of projects to choose, where to find the shards of glass and the pieces of glass “spaghetti” to use, and how to glue each piece down.

glass fusing projectThe kids each picked out a small ornament to decorate.   They really concentrated on their work.  Luke was done quickly, but as he waited for Leah to finish her project, he kept finding another piece of glass to add.  By the time Leah was finally done, Luke must have added at least 10 more pieces of glass!

Both kids really enjoyed making their projects.  Placing the glass pieces in a design was pretty much the same process as making a mosaic.  Only the result will differ.  We had to grout the mosaic project, but this project will be placed in a kiln.  The glass will melt together to create a smooth effect.  We’ll pick the finished products up in about a week. The kids can’t wait to see how their ornaments turn out.  Neither can I!

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  1. Can’t wait to see the result! Wishing you, Luke and Leah a wonderful year of further discoveries in 2014… phew! Two years already!

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