A Look Back at 2013

by the numberWe really enjoyed our second year of trying new experiences as a family.  Here is a look back at 2013 in numbers.

50:  New Experiences.  We were so close to reaching our goal of trying 52 New Experiences.  The Type A side of me really wanted to complete two new experiences on December 31, just so I could brag that we reached our goal.  The more relaxed side of me is at peace with the number of experiences we completed.  It’s not easy to find the time to experience new things, especially since I work full-time and share custody with my ex-husband.  However, the kids and I made the most of the time we spent together in 2013.  I am proud of that!

28:  Free Experiences.  More than half of our new experiences were free or were completed with items we already had in our home.  One of our favorite experiences was playing Frisbee Golf in a park.  “Hunting for Tigers” at Princeton University was another fun way to spend an afternoon.

21:  Outdoor Experiences.  We love to be outdoors whenever we can.  Nearly half of our experiences were done outdoors.  Canoeing in the summer and visiting the beach in winter were some of our favorite experiences all year.

17: Experiences Done at Home.  We didn’t even need to leave our house to complete about a third of our New Experiences.  One of Leah’s favorite activities this year was tie-dying T-shirts, and our messy play date was a hit with the kids and their friends.

11: Experiences Done Out of State.  On the other hand, we traveled to Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. for some experiences.  Our double-decker tour of New York City was exciting, and we loved Amish Country so much that the kids can’t wait to return.

11:  Science Activities.  All of us enjoy science, and science experiments have been some of the most fun experiences this year.  I thought it would be hard to top the explosion that Mentos and Soda create, so I was happily surprised that creating the Simplest Circuit was also a success.

9:  Cultural Activities.  I hope to raise children who appreciate art, music, and history, so I make an effort to expose them to various cultural activities during the year.  Creating their own Mosaic Art was a huge hit with the kids.  They also enjoyed a historical reenactment at Jockey Hollow.

8: Experiences We Enjoyed With Our Extended Family.  I am very close to my family, so I am happy that we were able to include them in some of our experiences this year.  Our ride on a surrey in Ocean City was a memorable experience for the whole family.  And, I’m not sure who enjoyed launching a model rocket more– my kids or my dad!

7:  Number of Experiences that Involved Eating.  Believe it or not, trying new foods was way out of some of our comfort zones.  The kids surprised me by eating just about everything at a Vietnamese restaurant.  However, Luke was not as adventurous during a pie-eating contest.  He did have fun, but we learned he likes his pie with a fork!

1:  Fabulous Year!  Not all of the New Experiences went as planned, but they were certainly a lot of fun!


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  1. What a great year! Thanks for sharing your adventures along the way.

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