New Experiences 2013

1. Mentos and Soda

2. Meditated Using a Mind Jar

3. A Taste of Vietnamese Culture

4. Wrote Letters to the President

5. Visited the National Air and Space Museum

6. Celebrated Chinese New Year

7. Laser Light Show

8. Maple Sugaring 

9. Pie Eating Contest

10. Debunked an Urban Myth

11. Visited Amish Country

12. Frisbee Golf

13. The Simplest Circuit

14. Tiger Hunting in Princeton

15. Historical Reenactment

16. Field Station Dinosaurs

17. Community Clean Up

18. Double Decker Tour of NYC

19. Tie-Dyed T-Shirts

20. Visited George Washington’s Headquarters

21. Made Wallets Out of Duct Tape

22. Baked a Pie

23. Spent a Weekend on a Farm

24. Made Our Own Bouncy Balls

25. Built and Launched a Model Rocket

26. Canoeing

27. Messy Play Date

28. Harvested Tomatoes on an Organic Farm

29. National Building Museum

30. Fun on the Jersey Shore:  Rode on a Surrey

31. Fun on the Jersey Shore:  Lucy the Elephant

32. Walked on Eggshells

33. Mosaic Art

34. Learned from a Failed Experiment

35. Colored a Smile

36. Princeton Children’s Book Festival

37. Raised Butterflies

38. Played Bocce

39. Fire Prevention Day

40. Tried Filipino Cuisine

41. Central Park Zoo

42. Dissected an Owl Pellet

43. MagiQuest

44. Watched a Robotics Competition

45. Saw Washington Cross the Delaware

46. Holiday Light Display

47. Concert at the Library

48. Radio City Christmas Spectacular

49. The Beach in Winter

50. Glass Fusing


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