New Experiences 2012

1. Licked a 9V battery

2. Visited Princeton University Art Museum

3. Lowe’s Build and Grow

4. Ice Skating

5. Ding Dong Ditch

6. Made bread from scratch

7. Saw a cultural performance at Creative Cauldron

8.  Great Backyard Bird Count

9. Touched a tarantula

10.  Tried Indian food

11. Painted like Jackson Pollock

12. Volunteered at the Food Pantry

13. Open House at the Trout Hatchery

14. Memorials and Monuments

15. Recycled Our Own Paper

16. Port Discovery Children’s Museum

17. Screen Free Week

18. Pennies on a Railroad Track

19. Visited the Grounds for Sculpture and made our own sculptures

20. Kids’ Fun Run

21. Lemonade Stand

22. Picked asparagus

23. Walked Across The Brooklyn Bridge

24. Ice Cream Taste Test

25. Great American Backyard Campout

26. Rode in a Convertible

27. Swam in a Lake

28. Baby Loves Disco

29. A Play in the Park

30. Splashed at a Sprayground

31. Cooked S’mores in a Solar Cooker

32. Crabbing

33. Visited Camden Children’s Garden

34. Cooking class

35. Started a Rock Collection

36. Took Apart a Printer

37. Brought home a pet

38. Family Yoga Class

39. Philadelphia Zoo

40. Arlington National Cemetery

41. A Study in Pop Art

42. It’s All Greek (Food) to Us!

43. Brite Nites

44. Stood in the Shadow of a Saguaro Cactus

45. Wild West Stunt Show

46. Indoor Trampoline Arena

47. Made a Tin Can Phone

48. Seeded and Ate a Pomegranate

49. Celebrated Hanukkah

50. A New York City Christmas

51. Ivory Soap Experiment

52. Learned About Trees from Hurricane Sandy


5 Responses to New Experiences 2012

  1. UofMLife says:

    This is one of the most brilliant ideas/ greatest blogs i have ever seen. Truly an inspiration for me

  2. We try as many new things as family all time as I think it’s great to show children the world safely with me at hand not as teenager when other wise they could from wrong people which could lead to bad instructions and damage in case of yoga. Hope have more fun and great times

  3. What a wonderful idea. Do you have the rest of the new experiences planned for the rest of the year, or do you wait to see what might come up?

    • 52BrandNew says:

      Thanks! I have a list of ideas for the rest of the year, but I don’t have a schedule or anything like that. You’ll have to check back to see what we do 😉

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